“Digi-DRIN” is a digital space aimed to combine memory and contemporary elements to tell the story of the Old National Telephone (DRIN) in Bozen, an old building that was closed for over 20 years that has been transformed into a co-working space for culture and creativity.

We have been talking with citizens, local businesses and associations of the surrounding area as well as previous workers at the National Telephones to collect memories, stories, photos, video and reconstruct the history of this place.

Now, we are looking for 10 creative young people under 35 y.o. to elaborate archive materials and create artworks that will constitute the first exhibition inside the digital version of DRIN, a virtual space where the floors of this building are available for online tours. Visit it here: https://cutt.ly/zTXIBY7

Participants will be followed by Martina Mellilli – artist, director, author – during a journey of creative interpretation of the historical and archive references of the Old National Telephones. Every participant will be accompanied in the elaboration of an artwork that will be exposed from January 2022 both in a physical exhibition as well as into DRIN’s virtual environment.

Download the full program for more details and subscribe by 12th December by completing the online form.


Partners and supporters
Ufficio Politiche Giovanili della Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano
Alto Adige
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