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The flower of Nesang
In production
How can we face the harshness and the fragility of life? The heated, provocative and comical friendship between the European director and an Indian Buddhist, lead us in a journey from the Alps to the Himalayas.
The search of a possible answer becomes more important than the answer itself.

Release date: 2024
Genre: Creative documentary
Director and author: Beniamino Casagrande
Production management: Massimiliano Gianotti
Cinematographer: Anke Riester
Editing: Marco Vitale
Live sound: Lorenzo Misia
Pool edge
Fiction short film, duration: 11 minutes
It is a scorching summer. An indistinct mass of bodies lolls on the grassy dunes of Bolzano's public swimmingpool, everything resonates as if in a big bubble. A seven-year-old girl is playing by the pool with her father, and not far away her mother is sunbathing. Surprisingly, the father grabs her ankle, lifting her up like a fishing trophy. The little girl upside down stirs, cries and plummets into the water. She resurfaces, fumbling, coughing, her eyes burning with chlorine and anger. She gets out of the tub, heads towards her father ready to take her revenge. In a few moments, the joyous quietness of the pool is subverted and a chaos suspended between terror and disbelief silences the shouting..

Director: Giuseppe Zampella
Screenplay: Giuseppe Zampella
Cinematography: Michele Cherchi Palmieri
Editing: Federico Milan
Cast: Irene Maiorino, Greta Sacco, Sandro Capriati
Production: Massimiliano Gianotti, Adam Selo, Olga Torrico, Michele Cherchi Palmieri
Production companies: 19 Società Cooperativa, Sayonara Film, Matto Film
International and italian distribution: Sayonara Film
Riprendiamoci la notte – La bellezza del cielo stellato in Alto Adige
Duration: 59 min
A night trip in South Tyrol: from Dolomites, framing the starry nights with their peaks, to Bolzano, where stars are slowly fading into the night.
Our lives rely on stars, but are we concerned enough about our relationship with them?
Light pollution is shrinking the attention toward what is happening beyond our planet Earth and maybe, also toward our history, past and future.

Subjects: Juile Hössle, Andrea Bertoldi, Gabriella Cosmo
Director: Julie Hössle
Camera e color correction: Andrea Bertoldi
Editing: Gabriella Cosmo
Production: Cooperativa 19
Voice over: Claudia Grestl
Graphic Design: Leonardo Michelon
With: David Gruber, astronomer and director of South Tyrol Museum of Natural Sciences and, Chiara Paniccia, biologist and researcher at EURAC Research
Vivere d’arte – Essere d’artisti al tempo del Covid
Duration: 4x14 min (56 min)
Four portraits of young south tyrolean artists during the Covid-19 Pandemic. From dance to painting and from theater to music, the series consists of collective episodes to discover how artworks are created and performed. Main characters tell unfiltered stories showing nowadays artists' conditions and answering to a core question: what does it mean to live off art?

Edited by: Stefano Lisci
With: Peter Burchia, Elena Beccaro, Salvatore Cutrì, Sabrina Fraternali
Production: Cooperativa 19
Se noi non siamo come voi – Storie dalla generazione Z
Duration 4x15 min (60 min)
Four episodes to discover Gen Z in South Tyrol, speaking out stories, ambitions and desires of young people. Music, activism, spirituality and new technologies are some of the themes we are talking with the protagonists: Chiara Avanzo e Laura Demarchi - N.B.W.D. (Merano), Tea Ducato e Ferdaous Harfi, Diego Laratta - Fridays for futures e Giovanni Gottardo - Extinction Rebellion, Matteo e Christian Roggia di Animeshon e Ava Hansmann. A production of “RAI Alto Adige”.

You can find all four episodes on RAI Alto Adige multimedia library:

episode 1
episode 2
episode 3
episode 4

Direction and subject: Marco Vitale
Camera: Andrea Bertoldi, Beniamino Casagrande and Stefano Lisci
Editing: Maria Radicchi
Direction consultant: Diego K. Pierini
General management: Massimiliano Gianotti
Production: Cooperativa 19
With: Chiara Avanzo, Laura Demarchi, Tea Ducato, Ferdaous Harfi, Giovanni Gottardo, Diego Laratta, Matteo and Christian Roggia, Ava Hansmann
Luca + Silvana
2019, documentary, 59 minutes, Italian | trailer | Visit the site
Luca and Silvana love each other and want to get married, a desire that seems unfeasible for people like them with Down syndrome. After 10 years of waiting and continuous postponements something seems to be moving, and perhaps they will finally be able to achieve their dream.
A love story told delicately and deeply that invites us to reflect on the universal right to love and share our life with another person.

Director and subject: Stefano Lisci
Production management: Massimiliano Gianotti
Cinematographer: Beniamino Casagrande
Editing: Maria Radicchi e Marco Vitale
Original music: Martino Pellegrini
Live sound: Ambrose Mbuya Siyanga, Patrick Bruttomesso
Sound design: Philippe Gozlan
Color correction: Gabriele Cipolla
Graphics: Sonia Galluzzo
Production Secretariat: Elena Antonin
Press office: Valentina Cramerotti
Bar Mario
2016, documentary, 62 minutes, Italian | trailer | Buy or rent
For over 70 years, on the border between Italy and Austria, a café built in the shape of a ship has been moored in the snow-capped Dolomites. The captain, Marina, spends the whole day watching over her 33-year-old son, and serving the customers at the same time. The café is also the living room of their home, just a door separating the bar from the rest of the house. The events intertwine and become a choral story from which a tragicomic portrait emerges; a comedy of real life in which the protagonists play the role that life has assigned to them.

Director and subject: Stefano Lisci
Cinematographer: Beniamino Casagrande
Editing by Maria Radicchi e Marco Vitale
Original music: Martino Pellegrini
Live sound: Ambrose Mbuya Siyanga
Production management: Massimiliano Gianotti
Press office: Valentina Cramerotti


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