Cooperativa 19 is a cultural enterprise and audiovisual production company based in Bolzano

Cooperativa 19 was founded in 2011 when a group of professionals in the cultural field joined together. Our mission lies in contributing to the local development by offering socially-engaged cultural projects and artistic outputs of high quality.

Along with projects and research activity, Cooperativa 19 aims to be a platform dedicated to professional development, imple-mentation of strategies and creation of opportunities for individual and shared growth. The social purpose is to create job opportunities, with particular attention to young creative talent.

We love: collaborations, peripheries, challenges, the search for new audiences, beautiful stories to tell, urban regeneration projects, cultural and social innovation, clapperboards, via Bari and the coffee at Bar Renè, documentaries, the Semirurali Park, being behind the camera, the forgotten places of the city, pairing of creativity and technology, art and society.

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